DOVADO PRO Router Now Supports 300Mbps Connectivity Via 4G/LTE or Gigabit Fibre Internet

Software update includes milestone advances in connectivity for either fixed or mobile connections and adds support for home automation for the UK market


Kista, Sweden – November 6, 2014 – Dovado, the fixed and mobile router company, today announced enhancements to its award-winning Dovado PRO model. The PRO connects to the Internet via Gigabit Ethernet and USB mobile broadband modems and then creates an Ethernet or WiFi network. As part of its latest firmware update, the Dovado PRO is now capable of full Category 6 (4G/LTE) throughput speeds of 300Mbps from the mobile network; meaning customers will have unhindered access to the fastest fixed and mobile networks within the UK.


The Dovado PRO’s feature-set goes far beyond Internet sharing. In order to meet the demands of an increasingly connected generation, support has been added for the Belkin WeMo Switch for Home Automation, a WiFi-based electrical socket usually controlled via Belkin’s mobile application. As the first third-party router brand to support the Belkin WeMo, users can now control and automate their home appliances via SMS, Scheduler and desktop app through the Dovado PRO. The combination is ideal for the home in order to control lighting and other white goods. This function also corresponds well with M2M (Machine-to-machine) which saves time and money when re-powering servers and switches in remote locations via a simple SMS command or mobile app.


The Dovado PRO has already gained widespread support in the UK M2M market because of its impressive throughput, stability, features, firmware updates and competitive price tag. It supports well over 250 models of USB broadband modems at full speed and is capable of hosting a secondary operator’s USB modem for the sake of redundancy. As part of its 4G/LTE Category 6 debut, Dovado has added full 300Mbps speed support for the Huawei E5786 Mobile Hotspot from T-Mobile (Germany) as well as Telstra and Optus in Australia with more markets soon to be announced. The UK mobile operator EE has also recently announced plans for a 300Mbps LTE Category 6 network upgrade, with Wembley Stadium as its launch pad.

 “Previously, mobile broadband has always been viewed as a lesser option when compared to its fixed counterpart in terms of speed and reliability. The evolution of these networks and the Dovado PRO means that mobile broadband connectivity is now at least on a par with the fixed options available in many scenarios,” said Samir Madani, VP of Global Sales, Dovado. “The company has built a reputation for delivering excellent support, uptime and innovation in markets such as Australia and Sweden and we are now extending this to the UK as we add software support for the latest 4G and 3G USB modems in the market.”


To assure maximum uptime over mobile broadband, the Dovado PRO includes two SmartUSBTM ports, allowing the router to automatically repower the USB modems in the event of failure. It also includes the ability to automatically failover between fixed and mobile broadband in order to guarantee Internet uptime. SMS and email notifications are some of the many extra features one can benefit from. The latest firmware update for the Dovado PRO is available on the company website:

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